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Pillow AlergiMED

Description: Cushions from the AlergiMED Series are made of the highest quality highly elastic HCS Hollow silicon fiber, produced by the textile industry leader AdvanSA in the form of small balls. This fiber due to thermal twisting is extremely durable and resistant to crushing, which significantly increases the lifetime of the pillow. The interior of the fiber is formed by four channels that store heated air. Covering the Hollow fiber with silicone gives it extraordinary delicacy, softness and fluffiness. It is the use of Hollow fiber that gives our clients perfect comfort during sleep. Pillows made of Hollow fibers are especially recommended for people suffering from allergies. Their structure naturally slows down the development of microorganisms and mites that cause allergic conditions. Cushions made of this innovative fiber can be washed at high temperatures (maximum 90 degrees C), which allows you to thoroughly remove potentially allergenic contaminants. Textom pillows get rid of moisture extremely well, which gives a feeling of comfort and prevents irritation of the delicate skin of allergy sufferers. Pillows from Seri AlergiMED are the perfect solution to help fight allergies and care for a healthy sleep giving rest. The cushion cover material is of the highest quality Polyester microfibre. Extremely soft to the touch, smooth and delicate, it gives a feeling of comfort, and at the same time is very easy to maintain and durable in use. The use of polyester microfibre increases the antiallergic effect of the cushion, allows for more accurate maintenance and gives the possibility of longer use. The cushion cover is quilted on the most modern quilting machines, finished with a delicate trim in the color of the cover.

Washing temperature : 194.0° F

Available sizes:
40x40, 50x60, 50x70, 70x80

Filling: Hollow HCS

Washing temperature 194.0° F
Filling properties All materials used in the production of the Gold Swiss line have the Oeko-tex Standard 100 quality certificate
Colors White
Fabric composition Microfibre, 100% polyester
Filling Hollow HCS
Available sizes 40x40, 50x60, 50x70, 70x80

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