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The history of TEXTOM goes back to the end of the 1990s, and specifically to 1998. It was then that the owners' marriage established a small company producing quilts and pillows. From just a few employees, over the years the company has grown to its present size, building a well-coordinated, qualified team, for whom the key issue is the quality of manufactured products and a modern machine park, giving the possibility of producing bedding of the highest standards. Quality means no compromise, comfort and customer satisfaction. This is obvious for the entire staff of the Company, which is why for many years the company relies only on proven suppliers of fabrics and raw materials for bedding. The key step to improve the quality of our products was to give up the purchase of ready-made nonwovens and make a decision about the independent production of the filling on site, under the watchful eye of specialists. This gave us the opportunity to create a process that provides full control over the raw material composition, and thus quality repeatability. We currently offer a wide range of bedding products, including quilts, pillows, bed linen, sheets, bedspreads, blankets and towels. Constant care to ensure the highest quality materials, unique design and a professional and accurate production process means that TEXTOM is constantly expanding its group of satisfied customers throughout Europe. If you are interested in familiarizing yourself with our retail offer, please visit the Store tab, if you represent a wholesale customer, please use the Contact Form, which will allow direct contact with the Sales Department.

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